Friday, May 13, 2011

Paula's "Ship's Log" of our RV trip to California

Paula has been keeping the "Ship's Log" for our trip.  In case anybody wants to come along with us vicariously.  Enjoy.

California Trip – Wed. May 11, 2011

Day 3 and I’ve decided to type the trip log instead of writing in the journal. 

We started the trip on Sunday, May 8 at 4:00 pm.  Drove to Hartford SD and slept in a RV sales/service place. (see journal for more details). 

 Monday, May 9 – Driving through South Dakota. It was grey and rainy but the rain was light and sporadic so not bad.  Around 3:00 Bob thought it would be good to find some place to go running so when he spotted the Black Hills National Forest visitor center he decided to pull in and ask about hiking trails.  Ginger, the information lady sent us on our way with maps and the reassurances that yes the RV would get through the roads just fine.  We probably wouldn’t see anybody else around.  We missed the turn-off but were able to find a lot that Bob maneuvered the RV around in without any problem – of course!  When we found the road we were looking for we both decided it certainly wasn’t marked so anyone could actually see the sign that was in the bushes.  The gravel roads leading to our hiking paths gave our bikes quite the dusting!  But it was all worth it!  Bucky was in heaven – running ahead, stopping to make sure we were still coming- and then running on ahead again.  He is really good about coming back when he starts getting too far ahead of us.  The trails were great, not too treacherous, but Bob did manage to scrape his left side of his face and he didn’t even remember running into any thing.  He didn’t know he had the scrape until I asked him about it. After the run we showered and got back on the road for a bit more driving before dinner. After driving about an hour, we decided to pull over in a school parking lot and have some dinner while we watched the lightening storm and the massive rain storm.  Bob broke open the new waffle griddle Connie just gave us for our trip.  It was great!  Bob made the waffles!  We have been eating with my red rose at the table – quite elegant – MJ gave it to me on Mother’s day.  We only forgot to stow it in the kitchen sink once when in route and it didn’t even tip and spill all over the computer!  Slowly it is loosing it’s petals but for now it graces our meals.

Bob decided he wanted to drive some more so off we went in the rain.

During the drive, we listened to “Marley and Me” book on CD that Sue Bauer lent us for the trip.  The story is all about a yellow lab- Marley- who is really, really rambunctious, He has issues regarding obedience, storms etc.  I think Sue wanted us to see how good Bucky is compared to this canine!  

We drove until about 10:00 pm and found a city park –rest stop in Wright, Wyoming.  It had a nice play area and a pond with ducks.  We went to bed to the sound of rain.  We woke the next morning with an RV parked right next to us – didn’t even hear them come in!

Tuesday, May 10 – outside temp 38!

We have started the last couple of days by rising around 6:00 and after taking Bucky out for his morning duty getting on the road for a little while before pulling off for breakfast RV style.


Yesterday when we pulled-over for breakfast we decided to pull into a water park that wasn’t open yet for the season.  The lot was empty except for recycling containers and one older camper parked at one end.  When we finished eating and decided to get on the road Bob started up the engine and started pulling out.  At that exact moment an elderly woman, sunglass clip-ons – in her Buick decided to pull in for recycling drop off.  It was a stand-off!  Bob had to back up and as he started to back-up she made her b-line on our left to the bins – not much room but by-God she was going to recycle now!  She just kept smiling and leaning into her steering wheel.  One of those – what the heck- moments.  Bob just said –“Well she is driving a Buick”- car of elderly choice! 

Trip route Tuesday was through Wyoming.  Light rain and grey skies – good for driving.  As the day went on and we got closer to Salt Lake City Utah, the rains turned to large snow flakes but nothing sticking to the ground.  We called nephew Mike earlier in the day to check his plans.  He was free for dinner so we would drive to his apt.  Mike came out to meet us in the RV and shortly after his girlfriend Sarah arrived.  What a cutie!  We asked Mike to pick a restaurant so he drove us all to “Porcupine” a very “hopping” place.  We sat upstairs in the balcony with skylights looking out into the mountains.  The food & beer was great!  We drove back to Mike’s and I made chocolate chip cookies while Mike and Sarah read the directions to “Qwirkle” a new game Connie gave Bob for his birthday.  It’s sort of like dominos with color and shapes.  Sarah had to leave to go check on things at work so Bob, Mike and I finished up the game before saying good-bye.  Mike and I tied with 101 points!  Mike and Bob decided it would be good to avoid morning traffic so we would drive to the Flying J about 10 miles down the highway and sleep there for the night.  Mike had a 9:00 am weight workout to get to in the morning so we hugged good-bye, yes Bucky even got hugs from Mike, and off we went.

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