Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 7-8 of our trip.

Monday, May 16, 2011 

Day 9, California Trip

Right now I am sitting in the RV tucked under a highway in Sacramento, CA.  We have just arrived having left Mary’s around 9:30 this morning.  It was an easy 3 hour – no wrong turns kind of drive.  A little rain off and on mixed with sun.  Bob decided on a downtown exit that was a great call!  We knew this 2nd stage of the race finished downtown by the capital.  We parked at a 2 hr spot, took the bikes off the rack, got Bucky into the backpack and pedaled toward the capital.  Within a few blocks of parking Bob spotted some of Sacramento’s finest, stopped introduced himself and started chatting.  Seeing that I was hungry I wanted to find out first if our parking spot was going to be ok, since we were going to be more than 2 hours.  They quickly informed us that the parking enforcement division didn’t give any breaks – even ticketing unmarked squads!  So lucky we asked.  And what a nice group of guys.  After giving us a brochure about the race they directed us to the nearby train station RV/bus parking.  Bob expertly backed it into two level spots and went to get the parking sticker.

The race should be ending at the capital around 3:00 pm with a 4 lap finish. 

Now backing up to Saturday, May 14  - day 7 (since Bob failed to compose the ships log for the last two days).  We woke to grey skies so unable to get a sunrise picture again.  I  missed getting a picture of the sun rise yesterday because the camera was in the RV and we weren’t.    Mary put breakfast foods out early – so we could be ready at 9:00 when the farmers market opened.  We drove into town and with exceptionally good timing we met Sheila Ochowicz who was just arriving.  We stopped at a few shops, Fideaux, a dog store, to buy Bucky a new Kong since we forgot his at home and he loves to have that thing with peanut butter as a treat to work on when we leave him alone.  We went on to Farmers market for a bit and then we decided it was time to think about eating.  I just love vacations with girls – we are always thinking about food!  Mary decided on a cute place in the town of Geyserville.  The lunch was great!  I split pizza with Sheila and we each had wonderful soup.  Bob had Mary’s fried egg on my bread and he was happy as always!  We finished lunch and drove back to Mary’s.   Sheila, Bob and I got ready for a bike ride.  Mary gave us directions for an 11 mile loop.  We put the bikes in her pickup truck since it’s pretty dangerous to ride down into town with the winding narrow roads and fast cars.  We parked, took a picture and off we went.  What a beautiful ride!  Saw lots of bike riders, vineyards and lots of rose bushes.  We added a few miles and ended after 20 miles to go back and jump in the pool and hot tub. (Bob is taking over the log spot now since Paula is making the smoothies, more about that later) Paula and Sheila made a fab dinner, Erin Schneeman’s mustard chicken pasta. 

Sunday, May 15th, we decided to stay at Mary’s and have fun and then watch the television coverage of the 1st stage of the race.  We went for an early hike at Sonoma Lake Park.  Buck again thought he was in heaven.  He could run free of the leash and sniff everything.  Then lunch at Mary’s (finally I can get a grilled cheese).  We curled up with blankets to watch the tour coverage at 2:00.  Phil and Paul came on the screen with snow coming down and told us they cancelled the 1st stage due to snow and ice.  Good thing we hadn’t driven up to Tahoe to see that.  So, we got to do my favorite thing.  Relax.  And snack.  Paula, Sheila, and I went for a nice woods hike around Mary’s property, more heaven for Buck. We got done with the hike and  Insert - Paula here again - Bob forgot I got to do some lap swimming in Mary's salt water pool.  Bucky has been barking at us when we've been swimming - he didn't want to join us in the pool, he just didn't want us in there.  So this morning I told Bob I really wanted to swim without Bucky bugging me so could he please hold onto him if he was going to be at the pool with me.  It was the greatest!!  Mary asked me why I liked it so much.  I mentioned my new googles, wearing the swim cap so hair wasn't in my eyes - it's a bright yellow Alcatraz swim cap James gave me a few years ago.  James has done the Alcatraz triathalon numerous times, and lately gets up to swim at the St. Kate's pool up the block from our house.  Finally I get to use it - and it couldn't have been at a better pool ever! - and I got the whole pool to myself - didn't matter if I swam like a wiggle worm I wouldn't be in anyone's way.  And if I got a really bad charlie-horse due to the fact I haven't really swam laps since I was pregnant with Eric, Sheila could jump in and save me.  I'm sure 
Bob would throw me a towel and say grab on!  But the really best thing about swimming in Mary's clorine free pool is the scenery.  Because I don't have proper form with the whole turning the neck and keeping the mouth only slightly out of the water to get air - I turn my head and my shoulders sort of follow, so I could see the roof top of the house.  The other direction I could see the green lucious grass!  I swam for about 40 minutes before I took a nice hot outdoor shower.  Then we had another nice dinner that Mary made and of course nice wine, more relaxing - no check Bucky for tics since we spotted one on the floor, then Sheila left to drive back home and shortly after we went off to bed. 

That’s it for our weekend with Mary.  We had a great time and now have wonderful memories and pictures.  The next log entry you read will be the 1st bike race coverage.  Hope you enjoy.    

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jdoughe3 said...

Sounds amazing. I'm glad Bob got his grilled cheese - was it made with brie?

I definitely want pictures of Mary's outdoor shower and fireplace. You forgot to take them last time and I'm still curious.

Miss our winsors!