Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 4 of the RV trip to California

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 4 – Flying J wake up to more grey skies and light rain – perfect!  Rain would stop by the time we got on the road.  Decided to sleep in.  By 7:30 took Bucky out to explore the grass area, as we were tucked in with all the other semi trucks in the massive cement parking lot.  Made eggs and toast for breakfast before Bob would purchase new wiper blades – hopefully just in time for sunshine!

While Bob worked on the wiper blades I checked my work emails and Bucky proceeded to destroy Kleenex from the garbage bag until Bob pounded on the window to get him to stop.  We drove off around 10:30 and shortly after Eric called for his daily route check-in.  Knowing we were leaving Salt Lake he suggested we stop at the Salt Flats and take a picture.  We did see the Salt Flats – but much of the area was still covered in water, either from the rain or snow melt.  As we drove the sun would come out, followed by rain and the sun again.  And so we drove on enjoying the magnificent mountains for our scenery, Bob taking pictures along the way.

Ok-I didn’t finish the day with my final entry and it is now Thursday.  Our afternoon yesterday was spent driving through Vegas and we took our break around 5:30 pm in Reno.  We found a Walmart, parked and got ready for a run.  Bucky couldn’t believe it- another run off-lease  Actually our trail run was better suited for mountain goats!  And we were at altitude – Bob says 10,000 feet (but I know better).  After our run we cleaned up and went into Walmart to find frozen dinner, an ice bag and ice for Bob’s swollen ankle – old nagging problem that flared up probably due to all the driving.  Bob also checked-in with a store manager just to make sure it was ok to park overnight.  Not to my surprise overnight parking was not allowed.  I had commented when we drove in that the neighborhood seemed ritzie – our trail run was in an area was an area of land in the middle of fancy houses.  The manager told us just go get back on the highway and go about 4 miles to Boomtown.  It is the last big exit before California.  Boomtown is a huge casino area and she said all the truckers park there for overnight sleeping.  We found the place no problem and proceeded to park.  Before we shut down a gentleman walked up to the drivers side to talk to Bob.  He said he was driving a Prevost bus/camper and the security guard for the casino said campers couldn’t park in this lot but were allowed at the KOA down the block.  We could park in section H free of charge from the usually $44/night just for one night.  So we happily drove over there and spent a quiet night until the 4:00 am train sounded the horns! 

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