Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 6 of the trip.

Friday, May 13th, day 6 of our trip.

Hi everybody.  Paula told me since I didn’t have to drive the rig today, I have to type the log.  I begged and pleaded with her to no avail.  So, bear with me here.  Great day.  Weather was just right.  We made waffles for breakfast (thank you Connie for the waffle maker).  We mostly sat around and relaxed.  Around lunch time we took a drive in Mary’s Mercedes (Mary let me drive, very nice car, I didn’t push it too hard though since I didn’t bring my helmet and fire suit) up the valley to find a lunch stop.  We ended up at the Frances Ford Coppola winery.  Lovely lunch.  We did some shopping for knick-knacks in the winery store.  I just love perusing stores for knick-knacks.  I’m sure the wine would taste great if I drank wine.  Noticed a Bentley and a Vette in the lot.  Came back to Mary’s for more relaxation.  We went swimming and Buck checked out the water some more in the pool.  He still isn’t too sure about it.  I think with some more good exposure to swimming he’s going to like it.  More relaxing.  Paula and I played some tennis.  I didn’t bring my tennis outfit though, darn.  We stayed in for dinner (yee-haw, I was plum tuckered out from all the knick-knacking we did today).  Had wonderful conversation with Mary.  And now we’re turning in.  Actually Paula has been asleep for some time whilst I’ve been struggling through this log entry.   So, that’s about it.  Oh ya, did I tell you we did some relaxing today?  Thanks for dropping by.  I’m going to start up the RV tomorrow and drive around Mary’s yard so I don’t have to type the log. 

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