Thursday, May 22, 2014

Long overdue update.

I guess I haven't been very good about updating this thing. Figured I better get some things out. Last summer we had a great time with the RV. put pretty many miles on. Went to Washington, DC, for the Police Week event. Stayed at cousins Ted & Lori's house in Vienna, VA. Spent some time at the Law Enforcement Memorial. Cried a lot. Went to the Vietnam and WWII memorials. Cried some more. Did some more camping. Due to my old age I don't remember all the details. So, let's skip to something more recent I guess.

We went back to Washington for Police Week. St. Paul lost an officer in the line of duty in 2013. Josh Lynaugh passed away while battling a suspect during an arrest. So his name was dedicated on the Wall this May. We had a large group of fellow St. Paul officers attending. It made me proud to see our group. I cried some more.

We had a great RV trip though. Stopped in Elkhart, IN, and got a new toilet for the RV. I never much cared for the old one and it was acting up so time to get rid of it. Got to see Katie, Denny, Nick, and Abbie in Cleveland. Then on to PA where we stopped at the Flight 93 Memorial. I cried. (are we seeing a theme here?) Then we spent a couple of nice days visiting with Jeff and Cindy Brett. We met them at our first HDT (Heavy Duty Truck) Rally in 2010. They're great people. I wish we could have stayed longer. On to Vienna to see Ted and Lori, and Police Week. After leaving VA to head to MN we hit a terrible traffic jam. That put us a bit behind. So, Friday I had to make some miles. Drove 700 miles that day from Maryland to Beloit, WI. The drive went very well. Paula is a great co-pilot.

Now for the biggest news. I'm retiring. 53 years old with 29.5 years of service. We went to our financial advisor and crunched the numbers and he said I could retire. So, May 27th will be my last day on the job. I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry. I still enjoy going to work. I have a great time and I think I still can do an okay job of it. But, everybody has to retire sometime. So I might as well go now while it's still fun and I can have  time to do something else. I'm planning on riding my bike a lot and spending time at my folk's lake place by Detroit Lakes.

So, that's it for now. Maybe I'll keep this thing updated a bit more now that I might have more time. Maybe not. Thanks for reading!