Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Road America, Wisconsin

We made it to RA about 0630 hrs. I was completely destroyed emotionally and physically. I started talking to Christie Veth, co-driver of the Dodge Viper we were closest to in the standings, and she said how well Eric was doing and I just started crying. It had been quite the week. Eric did really well driving. There was a Viper club event going on so lots of cool track Vipers. I managed to crawl under our trailer with a sleeping bag and take a short nap. This is the last track event. Robert Dubler destroyed his Cadillac CTS-V wagon when his brakes failed going into turn 8. Very sad. He's a genuine nice guy. Glad he wasn't hurt. Another Evo blew up, no more Evo's left. Eric went off again costing him some time so at the end of the day we were tied with Chuck and Christie in their Viper. There went his chances for the 4th overall. The only event left is the dry skid pad at Tire Rack. Leaving Road America I had mixed emotions. Happy to almost be done with this odyssey. Sad that we were almost done. Looking forward to a nice easy 5/6 hour drive to the finish in South Bend, Ind.

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