Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Final Day!

We got to the Tire Rack and set up our tent and got a good nights sleep. Dry skid pad, I know nothing about how to drive one and Eric knew slightly more than me. Oh well. He got through it and ended up 5th overall. Then they had a great banquet awards ceremony in the warehouse. Tire Rack is a very fitting name. Rows and rows of racks and racks of tires. Paula would have had a hard time with the new tire smell. Eric got a nice trophy for 5th overall. Then we got a great surprise. They have an award for the fastest rookie! And he had that one locked up. After the banquet we got some good pictures with Chuck and Christie and our cars. Lots of thanks to them for being such nice rivals.

Some great memories. When I was packing up our tent at Motorsports Park Hastings I found a key fob for a Porsche on the grass. The autocross was going on so all the cars were crammed in waiting to make their runs. I pushed the panic button to figure out who's car it was. The horn and lights start going on the Cayenne Turbo. I watched as the driver noticed and ran over to try to shut it off. This is a raffle car so they're just driving it to generate raffle sales, it's not their personal car, so I figured he didn't know all about it. Took him awhile but he got it shut down. There were some media people near me so I told them I had found the fob and watch while I mess with the guy a bit. I waited for him to walk away and then hit the panic button again. More scrambling and he got it stopped. I waited for him to walk away and gave him a third panic. Then after he got it shut off I walked over and said, "hay, every time I push this button your lights and horn start going." He said, "hay, you messing with me?" I said, "yep, sorry I couldn't resist." 75 cars, 150+ people (some cars had three in them). Never met a one of them that wasn't nice. Had some great chats. Saw lots of the country. Brock Yates, Jr., can't say enough good things about him. He put on a world class event. He was very gracious in posing for pictures with us and always very talkative with anybody. Pretty amazing considering how busy he was taking care of everything. And, he set a very very fast pace on the transitions (I wouldn't let Eric run with him for fear of tickets).

And last, but not least, John Boos, . Wow, he and Quinn (his top guy) built an amazing car. They worked long long late hard hours near the end to get the car ready. Everything worked flawlessly. I'm quite sure our car won the "never had anything need anything on the car" competition. Lots and lots of cars were being worked on. Cars were falling by the wayside. Not ours. 3500 miles. Not enough sleep. No good food. Watching my son drive like a pro and go for his dreams. Priceless.

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