Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yepper, gonna go out for this momentous event. A whole bunch of us coppers are going to assist with the detail. I'll be a bit behind him and to the left when he's being sworn in. I've gotta carry out Jefferson's bible. Just look for me. I'll be mouthing "Hi Mom" to the camera. And asking for a Dr. Pepper. Hahahaha, I'll actually be working on the parage route most of the day. They're telling us we'll be out about 4:00 am taking up our posts on the route to keep it locked down. After the parade I think we might be deployed to some of the large party sights for perimeter security. Flying out Sunday and coming home Wed. Gonna stay at the Embassy Suites in Vienna, VA. Turns out my cousin only lives a few miles from there so hopefully I'll get to visit with him and his family a bit while there. I don't plan on trying to see any of the sights tho due to the huge crowds expected. DC is one of the places on our "to do" list when we retire and go on the road full time in the r.v.

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